Pop Olive Art





                drain covers 

                     nature, typography, words, phrases, go-to phrases that have become clichés because they have been repeated a hundred million times by my loved ones (naming no names but 'Let’s See What Happens’)… I find inspiration everywhere!

Being a sensitive person, life can amaze, impact and sometimes poke and irritate. One way I process this is to take whatever it is; be it an annoying repeated phrase said over and over, and make it into something beautiful, layered, intricate and colourful. I may start off with an idea, but as the process unfolds my creativity can take me in to unexpected and surprising places, often by accident.

Like life, I am multifaceted and have many strings to my bow; therapist, comedian, author, illustrator and artist. 

My artwork you see here on POP OLIVE ART is printed on Hahnemüle Photorag, a Giclée archival fine art paper. Artworks are created using texture, paint and different papers then put together in a collage style developed digitally. I  hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Catherine Vāse


Growing up in a world where self-expression felt risky, I found sanctuary in drawing, art, and all things colourful—a space where I could be completely myself. Art was not only fun and life-affirming but also gave me a voice and a purpose. It instilled a lasting belief in the transformative power of creativity to uplift the human spirit.


In the 1990s, I studied illustration at Brighton, exploring many mediums and creating vibrant imagery inspired by popular culture and the beautiful banalities of everyday life. Themes that continue to motivate my artwork today.

After graduating, my path took me through London art studios, book publishing, and travels worldwide. It was during this journey that I discovered another way to express myself - storytelling! A tool that started to shape the trajectory of my life as an artist.


Through writing and illustrating children’s books I found a conduit for my experiences and a way to connect with others across the globe. This chapter marked not only a milestone in my career but a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.


Despite professional success, personal turmoil led me on a journey of self-discovery. Embracing life’s humour and the healing power of creativity in a new light, I trained as a psychotherapist using the arts, became a regular on the improv scene, and facilitated art workshops abroad. All ways that celebrate our innate playfulness, spontaneity and creativity.

Creativity in Crisis

But as the world ground to a halt during the pandemic, I found myself grappling with the silence that enveloped us all. It was through art that I navigated the uncertainty of lockdown. And it was during those quiet moments that the seeds of Pop Olive Art were planted.


Today, as the creator behind Pop Olive Art, I have woven together the threads of my past experiences - artist, storyteller and therapist —to make art that uplifts, inspires and connects us all. Drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of human emotions, my prints and canvases blend colour and abstract elements with the everyday, creating a collage of positivity and vibrancy.

Your Invitation

Join me on this journey through vibrant landscapes of joy, reflection and humour. Let’s explore the beauty of your own story and together create a kaleidoscope of colour, emotion, and boundless possibility!